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This article outlines all the different canvas tools and what they do.

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The tools on the canvas have been organized in a way that separates their purpose.

LEFT - Arrangement and Visibility

MOVE UP: Moves the selected element upwards.
MOVE DOWN: Moves the selected element downwards.
MOVE TO TOP: Moves the selected element above all other elements.
MOVE TO BOTTOM: Moves the selected element below all other elements.

FLIP HORIZONTALLY: Flips the selected element horizontally.
FLIP VERTICALLY: Flips the selected element vertically.

HIDE:  Hides the selected elements.
UNHIDE:  Unhides all elements.

LOCK:  Locks the selected elements.
UNLOCK:  Unlocks all elements.

TOP LEFT - Object manipulation with no pricing effect. 

DELETE:  Deletes the selected elements.
 Copies the selected elements.
GROUP:  Groups the selected elements.
UNGROUP:  Ungroups the selected elements.

OPACITY:  Adjusts the opacity (transparency) of the selected elements.

FILL TOOL:  Adjust colours or patterns of the selected element. These adjustments do not affect pricing. Learn more.

SHADOW TOOL:  Add/modify shadows of the selected elements. Learn more.

STROKE TOOL:  Adjust the stroke colour of the selected elements (if applicable). Learn more.

IMAGE EFFECTS TOOL:  Add image effects to raster based images. Learn more.

TOP RIGHT - Canvas related tools.

UPLOAD IMAGE:  Uploads an image from your computer and adds it to the canvas as an "image only" layer. Learn more about image only layers.

DOWNLOAD SNAPSHOT:  Takes a snapshot of the canvas, and saves it to your computer.

SAVE TO IMAGES:  Takes a snapshot of the canvas, and adds it to the Images library in Cakenote.

ZOOM IN:  Zooms in on the canvas.
ZOOM OUT:  Zooms out on the canvas.
RESET ZOOM:  Resets the zoom amount of the canvas.

Note: Zooming is also possible by holding Control and Scrolling. You can also pan the canvas by holding the ALT key + clicking and dragging on the canvas.

BACKGROUND TOOL:  Opens the background tool and allows you to change how the background of the canvas looks. Learn more.

ADD TEXT BOX:  Adds a text box to the canvas. When text is selected, a text box tool will appear. Learn more

DRAW/EDIT MODE:  Switches the canvas mode between DRAW and EDIT (default).
Draw mode allows for free drawing on the canvas. Learn more about draw mode. Edit mode allows for selecting and manipulating elements on the canvas. This is the default mode of the canvas.

RIGHT - Price effecting tools.

BOARD TOOL:  Apply pricing and Textile to Boards. Learn more.

 Apply a Flavour to a Cake and visually add layers to a cake to represent sponge and fillings. Learn more.

COATING TOOL:  Apply Coatings to a Cake. Learn more.

SURFACE DECOR TOOL:  Apply a Surface Decor to the surface of a selected Cake or Board. Learn more.

RIBBON TOOL:  Apply a Ribbon to a selected Cake or Board. Learn more.

PROPERTIES PANEL:  Use this tool to adjust properties of selected elements. At this time, only one element can be adjusted at a time. Learn more.

Please note: The tools on the right side of the canvas have been deliberately arranged in order of the natural process of making a cake. Think of these tools as steps or a guide to finishing a Cake in Cakenote. For example...

Step 1: Adjust your Board.
Step 2: Add a Flavour.
Step 3: Add a Coating.
Step 4: Add Surface Decoration.
Step 5. Add a Ribbon. 

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