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Learn how to use the Image Effects Tool to add effects to raster images.

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The Image Effects Tool can be used to add basic effects to raster images. A raster image is basically an image that uses pixel data as opposed to vector images which use mathematical calculations to display the image. A raster image could be a file type with .jpg, .png, .bmp file extensions while a vector could be a .svg file type.

Most of the effects available are self explanatory and we recommend experimenting with them. 

One of the most useful effects would probably be the 'Remove Color' effect. This allows you to add your own image to the canvas, and then remove a background in order to use the subject in the image, as an element. Let's see an example...

I have a photo of a rose that I really like and I would like to use this rose on my cake design.

Problem is, it has a background and I only need the rose. To fix this, after adding the image to the canvas, select the image and open the Image Effects Tool. 

Then enable the 'Remove Color' effect. 

As soon as you enable the effect, red is the default color being removed. In this case, we want to remove the green background. To change the color to green, click on the color swatch next to the slider and select a green color.

It may take a little playing around but eventually, using the color adjustment and the slider to control the amount of color removed, depending on the colors in the image, you can achieve something like this...

It's important to note that the areas where the color is removed, are actually transparent now. So now the rose can be used as an element in your design...

If you want to take things even further and add this rose as a new Decoration with pricing details, there are a few more steps required. 

Firstly, we need to save the rose image with its background removed, into our Cakenote Image library. To do this, hide or delete all other elements on the canvas, so that all you have is the rose with its background removed. Now click on the 'Save Canvas As Image' button which looks like this...

Cakenote will then save the image with transparency (no background) as a new Image. You can then go to your Decorations library and create a new Decoration using the new Image. This will allow you to add pricing information etc. 

Your new Decoration will now be available in the Library to use for future Designs. 

Of course, this example is just for a rose but you can follow the same steps to create other Decorations, Construction elements, 3D Cakes, Surface Decorations, Textiles and Ribbons.

If you need any assistance with anything, you can email us at or use the in-app chat widget.


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