There are multiple ways to use your own images depending on what you want to do. 

Use an image with no pricing

If you would simply like to use an image on the canvas, and not worry about pricing, you can either use the upload button from the canvas tools, or simply copy an image from elsewhere, and paste ( Ctrl+V ) it onto the canvas (when using the Designer). Both will do the same thing, which is add your selected image to the Canvas as an image-only layer, with no pricing calculations.

How to copy an image

  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+C or right-click and "Copy"

  • MAC: Cmd+C

How to paste an image

  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+V or right-click and "Paste"

  • MAC: Cmd+V

Use an image as a new asset (with pricing)

If you would like to have pricing calculations made with your new image or asset, depending on what the image will be used for, you will need to add the image as a new Decoration, Construction, Surface Decor, Textile or Ribbon etc. 

After you have added your image to the canvas, hide or delete all other elements on the canvas, so that all you have is your image. Now click on the 'Save Canvas As Image' button which looks like this...

Cakenote will then save the image as a new item in your Images library. You can then go and create your new component (Contruction, Decoration, 3D Cake, Surface Decor, Textile or Ribbon) using the new image.

This way, you can add pricing and costing settings accordingly. After creating your new component, you will find it in the Library when using the Designer.  

Removing Background of Images

If you have experience with photo editing software and PNG documents (raster images with transparency), you can edit images to remove their backgrounds very easily. If you don't however, there is a handy tool you can use to do this for you. It's a website called The free version is limited but this online tool can be very helpful. 

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