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Learn about how to use the Library when creating a Design.

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The Library is where you can browse through all the different components that can be added to the Canvas in order to build your Design.

There are 5 main types of components on the Library. Construction, Cakes, Decorations, Images & Templates. Clicking on each of these menu items will allow you browse through the items for that type of component based on their categories. For example, opening up the Decorations section will display all the Decoration categories. After clicking on one of the Decoration categories, another list will open up showing you all the available items within that category. Keep in mind that there is also a search filter at the top of every category.

Each Library Item

Each item in the library will be displayed as a card that looks something like this...

MARK AS FAVOURITE: Clicking on this star will mark the item as a favourite so that it also be found in the Favourites area of the Library, within the relative category. 

ITEM IMAGE: This is the main thumbnail of the item.

ITEM NAME: This is the name of the item. 

ADD ITEM AS LAYER: Clicking on one of these view icons will add the item to the canvas as a layer. This basically means that this particular item you are adding will be included in any pricing calculations. 

ADD ITEM AS IMAGE ONLY: Adding an item as image only means that the same image will be added to the canvas, but it will not be included in any pricing calculations. 

Note: Different components in Cakenote will have different view options. For example, when creating a 3D Cake, you will be able to add up to 6 different images for the one 3D Cake. For Each image that exists for the item, there will be a view icon in the library on that items card.

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