The Fill Tool

How to use the Fill Tool to adjust colours and patterns on specific elements.

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The Fill Tool can be used to adjust fill colours, gradients or patterns on certain elements. These adjustments do not affect pricing in anyway. 

Please note: Any actions taken with this tool will only apply to elements based on Fill Targets. Please read this article about Fill Targeting for more information. 

Fill Modes

The Fill Tool has 4 types of fill modes. 


Apply and adjust colours of the selected elements.


Apply a linear gradient to the selected element/s.


Apply a radial gradient to the selected element/s.


The IMAGE mode option will only appear if a multifaceted object ( cake or board ) OR a Shape decoration is selected. This option lets you apply an image as the pattern to the element. The tool will show you all images from the Images library. Remember, adding an image as a pattern from the Fill Tool does not adjust any pricing of the Design. Please use Surface Decor if you wish to add surface decorations that adjust pricing of your Design. 

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