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Learn how to use the Board Tool.

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The Board Tool allows you to add pricing and Textile to a particular Board. It will only be available if a Board element is selected.

The first section is to set a Board Pricing item to the Board. Board Pricing can be set up in the Pricing Settings. When a Board is added to the Design, initially it has no price. If you wish to charge your customer for the actual Board (not the textile or surface decor on the Board), this setting can be used.

Board Pricing needs to be set up in the Pricing Settings and can be priced Per Item or Per 1m². Board pricing can also include costing. Click here to learn more about Pricing Settings on Elements.

The next section in the Board Tool is to apply a Textile on the Board.

To apply Textile to a Board, simply click on a Textile item from the list while having the Board selected.

When the Textile is applied, it will also calculate pricing based on the Pricing Settings that are predefined in that Textile item . Learn more about Pricing Settings here

After the Textile is applied, the Pattern Controls can be used to adjust how the Textile looks on the element. Click here to learn more about Pattern Controls

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