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The Surface Decor Tool

How to use the Surface Decor Tool to apply Surface Decor on Cakes and Boards.

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The Surface Decor Tool can be used to apply Surface Decor on to Cakes and Boards. Surface Decor pricing will be calculated based on what is set on the Surface Decor item being used.

Note: Any actions taken with this tool will only apply to elements based on Fill Targets. Please read this article about Fill Targeting for more information.

The Surface Decor Tool will only appear if a multifaceted object ( cake or board ) is selected. The tool will show you all Surface Decor items from the Surface Decor library. 

To apply Surface Decor to a Cake or Board, simply click on a Surface Decor from the list while having the Cake or Board selected. Depending on your Fill Target ( all, side or top ), the Surface Decor will be applied to the cake or board accordingly. 

When the Surface Decor is applied, it will also calculate pricing based on the Pricing Settings that are predefined in Surface Decor item . Learn more about Pricing Settings here

After the Surface Decor is applied, the Pattern Controls can be used to adjust how the Surface Decor looks on the Cake. Click here to learn more about Pattern Controls

When creating a new Surface Decor, there is an option to enable Perspective mode. This allows you to add different images for the different faces of the cake. Surface Decor items that have Perspective enabled will display a small icon in the bottom right corner of the item. 

The reason for this is because Cakenote is a 2D application and in some cases (eg. isometric view), an image with horizontal lines, or vertical lines that go around a curve of a round cake, may not look right. 

Please note that you don't need to use Perspective images if you don't want to. We added the perspective option so that we could add special Surface Decor assets that need it, like the stripes shown above. 

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