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The Flavour Tool can be used to adjust a Cake's flavour as well as visually add layers of sponge, ganache and other fillings to a cake. The Flavour Layers section of this tool works very similar to the Layered Cake Tool where you can visually create layers and adjust their thicknesses to suit your requirements.

The drop down list for each layer on the Flavour Layers section will display all Ingredients and Recipes that have Enable as Layer switched ON. Click here to learn more about Recipe Settings.

The first option is to select the number of layers you wish to have on the selected cake/s. By default, this is set to 10, which is the maximum amount of layers allowed. As mentioned above, each layer will have a drop down to be able to select from any Ingredients or Recipes which have the Enable as Layer setting switched ON. 

Each layer has a few options...
DRAG: Layers can be dragged up or down to reorder them on the cake.
COPY: Layers can be duplicated. This option will be disabled if no Ingredient or Recipe is selected, or if there are 10 layers.
RECIPE OR INGREDIENT: Select an Ingredient or Recipe from the list.
THICKNESS: This will determine how thick you want this layer to be on the cake.

The fourth section on the tool displays two buttons (Even and Uneven). These buttons can be used to quickly adjust all thicknesses to be either evenly or unevenly (thick, thin, thick, thin etc.) distributed according to the height of the cake.

Upon selecting a Recipe or Ingredient, the image that is set up on the Recipe or Ingredient's Enable as Layer setting will be applied to the layer on the cake.

After selecting a Recipe for a layer

Crumb Coat Effect

As an added visual element, you can add a crumb coat effect to simulate a smeared crumb coat on the cake.

After clicking on one of the effects, it will be applied to the cake and some additional options will appear.

The first option is the colour of the effect. You can click on the small circular swatch to select a colour for the effect where you can select a colour that matches the cream colour of your cake layers.

Selecting a colour for the coating effect

You will also see some additional controls to adjust how the effect is placed onto the cake. 

Controls for the coating effect

The first control option is the Fill Method. There are two options here...

Fill: This will match the effect's width and height to the cake.
Tile: Selecting this option will allow for additional controls to stretch and move the effect so that you can adjust it to match your cake in order to make it more visually "correct".

Additional controls for the coating effect if Tile is selected for Fill Method

Feel free to play around with these controls to create a realistic effect.

It's important to mention that any Surface Decor that is added to the cake will be applied over the Flavour Tool layers and Crumb Coat Effect, so you can do things like this...

Using the Flavour Tool with the Layered Cake Tool

In the main Tools section of Cakenote, we have a tool called Layered Cake Tool which is able to create a Recipe based on layers that you create. The good thing is that once you save a Recipe from the Layered Cake Tool, you can then simply apply the Recipe to a cake as a Flavour from the Flavour Tool. Cakenote will then automatically create the Flavour layers for you based on your Recipe created with the Layered Cake Tool.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake added as a Flavour to a Cake

Once again, it is important to mention that the Flavour Layers do not effect pricing. Only the Flavour that is selected will effect pricing. The population of the flavour layers upon selection of the Flavour only happens once when selecting, for convenience. Any changes you make to the layers after this, will not adjust pricing in anyway.

We hope you enjoy using the Flavour Tool. Please let us know if you have an issues with it.

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