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The Layered Cake Tool
The Layered Cake Tool

Learn how to use the Layered Cake Tool to build Recipes visually.

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The Layered Cake Tool can be used to visually build a layered cake flavour Recipe that can be used in your Designs.

Step 1. 

Select a Cake from the Cake Panel and enter a QTY.

Think of this like a yield for your new Recipe. In other words, after you build and save your Recipe, making this Recipe in real life will yield this much cake. 

Step 2.

The next step is to build your Layers. 

To add a layer, click on the 'Add Layer' button. 

The first icon on the left is a drag handle, so that you can drag each layer up or down to change the order of the layers. The second icon from the left is to copy that particular layer ( easier than adding a new layer and finding the same recipe ). The third icon is to remove the layer. 

The drop down list for each Layer will display all Ingredients and Recipes that have Enable as Layer switched ON. Click here to learn more about Recipe Settings.

The last field is to specify the height of the Layer. It's important to note that the total height of all the Layers needs to match the height of the selected Cake from the Cake panel. 

For convenience, the Even and Uneven buttons will automatically adjust all the heights for the layers accordingly.

Step 3.

The next panel is to include a little more information in order to save your layered cake as a new Recipe.

NAME: Enter a name for your new Recipe.

DESCRIPTION: Enter a name for your new Recipe.

FLAVOUR PRICING: Specify how much you wish to sell this Recipe for. You can decide on this based on the costing information from the Generated Recipe. This is the same pricing information you would enter if you were creating a new Recipe from the main Recipes section in Cakenote. Click here to learn more about Ingredients and Recipes Settings.

GENERATED RECIPE: This section will show you the ingredients of the generated recipe based on the Layers you selected from the Layers panel. It will also show you costing information.

SAVE AS RECIPE: Click on the 'Save As Recipe' button to save the generated recipe to your main Recipes list. It can then be used from the Designer. 

To the far right of the Layered Cake Tool, you will see the Diagram panel. This is where you can visually see your layered cake as you build it. From here you have the option to save the generated image to the Images Library. To do this, simply click on the  'Save To Images' button.

After creating a Recipe using the Layered Cake Tool, the created Recipe can be added as a Flavour to a Cake on the Designer from the Properties Panel. Upon adding the Flavour, the layers from the Recipe will be added to the Naked Cake Tool.

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