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Getting Started Guide

Start learning about Cakenote here!

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What is Cakenote?

The Cakenote web app was built to help amateur and professional cake decorators construct, design, price and manage their cakes and customers.  

Some of Cakenote's Features

  • Design cakes by combining individual elements on a canvas.

  • Choose from a growing library of assets that include a wide range of boards, cake sizes, decorations, construction elements as well as textiles and patterns.

  • Automatically price your cake as you design it.

  • Add your very own elements to be used for cake designs.

  • Automatically calculate the number of servings of your design based on predefined portion sizes.

  • Save designs as templates to be used on other designs.

  • Automatically calculate flavour and coating pricing based on cake volume.

  • Create orders with printable tags for easy kitchen operation.

  • Set your preferred metric system for measuring size.

  • Sample business documents (coming). 

  • Manage a library of Ingredients and Recipes.

  • Much, much more.

These are just a number of the things you can do with Cakenote as of writing this. We constantly be adding new elements and features. 

Help Articles about the Designer

How to Create a Design
Learn how to create a Design in Cakenote

What is a Design?
Learn about what a Designs is in Cakenote?

Canvas Tools
This article outlines all the different canvas tools and what they do.

Managing Design Colours & Gradients
Learn how to manage colour and gradient swatches.

Image Only Layers
Learn more about Image Only Layers.

The Design Summary
Displays a summary of all pricing involved in a Design.

The Servings Panel
The Servings Panel displays servings information on the Designer.

Layer Filter
The Filter panel on the Designer.

The Layers Panel
Learn about how to use the Layers Panel when creating a Design.

The Library
Learn about how to use the Library when creating a Design.

The Textile Tool
How to use the Textile Tool to apply Textile on to a Board.

The Properties Panel
The Properties Panel allows you to adjust settings of a selected element.

Pricing Settings on Components
How to set pricing on the different components in Cakenote.

The Stroke Tool
Use this tool to adjust the stroke colour of the selected elements.

The Shadow Tool
Use this tool to add Shadows to elements.

The Ribbon Tool
How to use the Ribbon Tool to add Ribbons to Cakes and Boards.

The Surface Decor Tool
How to use the Surface Decor Tool to apply Surface Decor on Cakes and Boards.

Pattern Controls
Use Pattern Controls to modify how a pattern appears on an element.

The Fill Tool
How to use the Fill Tool to adjust colours and patterns on specific elements.

Fill Targeting
How to control where to apply fills, surface decor and textiles.

Drawing Tool
How to free draw on the canvas.

Adding Text to Designs
How to add text to your designs.

Background Tool
Use the Background Tool to adjust the background of the canvas.

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