The Layers Panel

Learn about how to use the Layers Panel when creating a Design.

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The Layers Panel is where you can manage all the different layers that are being used on the canvas as part of your Design. 

The order that the layers are displayed is the same order that they are on the canvas. For example, if you want a Bow to be on top of a Cake on the canvas, the Bow Layer needs to be above the Cake Layer on the Layers Panel. 

ITEM IMAGE: This is the main thumbnail of the item.

The view icon representing what view image is being used for this layer.

This is the name of the item.

Clicking on this icon will bring up a diagram that shows you what a slice of cake will look like based on the flavour and coatings selected. 

EDIT LAYER: Click this button if you wish to adjust the name of the layer or add a note. In some cases (Decorations and Constructions), you can also adjust the price of the layer from here.

Use this handle to drag the layer up or down on the list of layers.

This is the total price of the layer or group, based on all its properties (flavour, coating etc.). If this is a group, the price displayed will be a total of all the layers within the group.

If a note is added to the layer, it will be displayed here.

The total Standard Servings based on the volume of the Cake. This will only be displayed for Cakes and 3D Cakes. Click here to learn more about Portion Settings.

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