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How to Create Letter/Number Toppers
How to Create Letter/Number Toppers

Learn how to use letters or numbers as toppers in your design.

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In this tutorial you will learn how you can use letters or numbers as toppers in your design. Like most things Cakenote, there are a many different ways this can be achieved.

Using the Text Tool

At this time, the easiest way is to simply use the Text Tool. It can be found within the set of tools on the top right corner of the canvas.

Basically, we can add a text box, type in a letter or number, make it large in size and add colour etc. 

Using the text tool to create toppers and inscriptions will not include any pricing information and is simply for visual purposes only. If you want to include pricing, simply add it as an Extra Charge, or Service etc. Alternatively, create a decoration for each letter/number you wish to use and add pricing information to the decoration itself. 

You can also create the letter/number topper on the canvas, and then save it to Images, and then create a new decoration with the image of the letter/number topper. This way you can add pricing information as well. 

We intend on adding letters and numbers as system decorations in the future. For the time being, you can also add your own images of toppers

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