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How to Adjust Colours of Elements
How to Adjust Colours of Elements

Learn how to adjust the colours of elements on the Canvas.

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Cakenote works with two main types of images. Vector and Raster. A raster image is basically an image that uses pixel data as opposed to vector images which use mathematical calculations to display the image. A raster image could be a file type with .jpg, .png, .bmp file extensions while a vector could be a .svg file type.

If you are using a raster image, then you are limited with the colouring options in Cakenote. There is an Image Effects Tool which you can use with raster images to add some effects and filters.

Ideally, you would want to use SVG images. All our assets are SVG images, and we add them into Cakenote in a special way so that there are layers that can be modified within the image. For example, if you add a Daisy...

This particular flower has three colour layers. The white area, yellow area and the outlines. To modify the colours, simply select the Daisy, and then click on the Fill Tool.

On the Fill Tool, you will see a section with coloured circles.

These circles represent the different layers on the selected object. You can select a circle, and then adjust its colour accordingly.

You can even select a gradient fill type to do something like the following...

This same process would apply to basically all our assets.

Some elements will have more layers than others...

If you need more assistance, please email us at or use the in-app chat widget in the bottom right corner of the Cakenote.

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