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How to Send Orders to Customers
How to Send Orders to Customers

This article will guide you through the process of notifying your customers about their orders.

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After creating an Order, you may wish to send the order to your customer so that they can confirm it or make payment for any outstanding payments. 

Important: Please make sure you have filled in all your business information in your Cakenote Settings before sending orders to customers.

When you create and save an Order, you can then View the Order. On the View Order page, there is a Share dropdown menu in the top right corner. 

View Public Order Page

This will take you to a publicly available page that will display your Order details. If you wish to share this page manually through an email or social media etc. you can simply copy the link and share it with your customer.

Email to Contact

This option will bring up a window that will allow you to send an email to your customer about their order. The email will go to the email address that is set on the Contact that you have selected for the order. Take note that the "Email to Contact" option will not be available until you have saved your business name and business email address in your Cakenote settings.

After clicking this option, on the "Email to Contact" window that appears, there will also be an option to write a custom message that will be included in the email that gets sent to your customer.

If you wish to see how the email will appear, you can click the "Send Test Email" button and a test email will be sent to the email address you have set in your Business Settings. 

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