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Cakenote Settings

Learn about the main settings page in Cakenote.

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Upon joining Cakenote, you should set up your profile, business information, metric preferences etc. You can do all of this through your account settings (the cog wheel icon in the top right corner). 

On the Settings page, you will see a sub menu to navigate through the different settings. These are as follows...


This is where you can change/set your name, email and password. You can also opt in or out of our newsletter. 


Specify metric preferences and other preferences.


Set up your business information. Your business logo is used on printed PDF's of designs, orders and reports as well as publicly displayed order pages and any emails that are sent to your customers. 


This is where you can set up your desired portion sizes. Create as many as you like or just our predefined portions. It is totally your choice. It is important to note that the Standard portion is the system default and is used to calculate pricing for designs. You can change the size of the default portion but you may not delete it. These portion sizes will be used to display information (cost per serving) when designing cakes. Learn more about Portion Settings.


This section of the settings is where you can set up Global Pricing Settings for many different components within Cakenote. Clicking each tab along the top will change the table that is displayed and you will also see information on what and where the pricing for that particular tab is used for. Learn more about Global Pricing Settings here.


This section is to manage your subscription to Cakenote which includes billing and invoices. 

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