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How to Create an Order
How to Create an Order

Learn how to create an Order in Cakenote.

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This article will walk you through the process of creating an Order in Cakenote. 

To create an Order, we first need to go to the Orders page. To do this, click on the Orders item from the main navigation on the left hand side. 

Then click on the 'Add New Order' button located on the top right corner.

You will then be taken to the 'Create New Order' page. 

First let me explain the tabs along the top of the page.


This tab is for general Order related settings.

  • Status: This is the Order status.

  • Order Placed By: Select the Contact who is placing the order.

  • Ordered For: Who is the order being placed for?

  • Category: Select a category from your Order categories. 

  • Tags: Add tags to the order to help find it in future.

  • Notes: Any notes you wish to write for the order.


This tab is where you can attach Designs to the Order. In most cases it will be just one design but in some, one customer may be placing an order for multiple cakes. Attach as many designs as you like.


This tab is where you can attach Products to the Order. 

Event & Receiving

This tab is where you can set event related information as well as how the order is being received from the contact. 

  • Occasion: What is the occasion of the event?

  • Occasion Date: When is the event?

  • Receiving Method: Is the contact picking up the order or is it being delivered. Further questions will appear upon selecting one of these options.

  • Receiving Date: What is the date and time that the order is being picked up or delivered?

  • Special Instruction: Are there any special instructions from the contact regarding the pickup or delivery?


This tab will show you what Recipes you need to bake and how much of each Recipe you need to bake. The Recipes are calculated depending on what Designs are attached to the Order and what cake flavours are involved within the attached Designs. 


On the right hand side of the Order page, there is a persistent column of panels that are always displayed regardless of which Tab section you are in. 

  • Details: This will show you a summary of all the information you have set on the Order.

  • Services: Add services that you have previously set up in the pricing section

  • Extra Charges: Add extra charges to the Order. 

  • Deliveries: Add Delivery costs that you have previously set up in the pricing section.

  • Discount: Add a discount to the Order.

  • Tax: Add tax to the Order.

  • Payments: Add any payments that the Contact has made for the Order.

  • Summary: This panel will show a summary of all the costing and pricing involved with the Order.


After saving an Order, additional buttons will appear on the top right corner of the Order page. 

  • View Public Order Page: This will open the Order in a new tab of your browser. It is a publicly available page which means that anyone can access it if they have the link to it. The purpose of this page is to be able to easily show the current state of the Order to the Contact. It will also display payment information that you have set up in your Business Settings. 

  • Email to Contact: This will allow you to send an to the Contact with a custom message and a link to view the Public Order Page

  • Print: This will generate a PDF print of the Order and all its details. This is mainly for operational purposes as it will also generate order tags (cake tags and box labels etc.) that you can cut out and use in the kitchen. 

This article will be updated as we add new features. If you have any questions regarding Orders, feel free to contact us at anytime through the chat widget in the bottom right corner, or email us at 

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