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The Batch Coating Tool
The Batch Coating Tool

Learn how to use the Batch Coating Tool to figure out how much of each coating you need.

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Use the Batch Coating Tool to calculate how much of each Coating you need for a selected amount of cakes.

Why is this useful? Well, let's say you have 5 cake orders for the week, and you need to make sure that you have enough fondant, ganach or buttercream etc. to be able to make the 5 cake orders. This tool can show you that information at a glance. Here's how to use it...

First thing to note is that the tool accepts input for cake sizes in two different ways. You can either add single standalone cakes OR you can select designs. It's up to you how you want to use it but I will show you both ways in this article.

So let's start by taking a look at the arrangement of the panels in the tool. There are 4 panels...

Cakes (input)

This panel allows you to add different sized cakes and apply a coating on to each of them. You can also change the quantity for each cake, and the thickness of the coating that's being applied.
​Important: The dropdown selection for the coatings will only display Ingredients or Recipes that have 'Enable as Coating' switched on. You can learn more about the 'Enable as Coating' switch in the Ingredients and Recipe Settings help article.

Design (input)

The Design List panel allows you to select Designs from the Designs Library. Once you select a design, you can also adjust quantity for each design. So if you wanted to calculate how much fondant you need for 5 different cake orders for the week, you would first go and design those 5 different cakes, and then come and add them in this list. The tool will automatically detect all the coatings that you have applied on to each cake within those designs, and display the results.

Coatings Per Cake (output)

This panel displays a list of every individual cake involved depending on what you have selected on the Cakes List and the Designs List, and it will list all the coatings for each cake. This results on this panel for each coating are displayed in three columns...

  • Amount Needed
    This amount is the amount of this particular coating needed to actually coat the cake. So Cakenote will calculate this based on the selected cake's surface area, and the thickness of the coating.

  • Amount To Roll
    If a Coating is in the 'Rolled Pastes' Ingredients or Recipes category, this column will display the amount that is comfortable to cover the cake. So for example, if we need to cover a cake with fondant, we don't start with the exact amount needed to cover the cake. We start with this amount :)

  • Size To Roll
    This is the size to roll out your rolled paste (fondant, modelling chocolate, marzipan etc.) to comfortably cover the relative cake.

Coating Total Amounts (output)

This panel displays a list of all the coatings involved in the Cakes List and Designs List selections, and it will group each coating together. So let's say you are using white fondant on 5 different designs. When you select those 5 different designs from the Designs List, this panel will show you how much white fondant you need for all the 5 designs that are selected.

That's it! We hope you find the Batch Coatings Tool useful. Let us know your feedback and if you think we've missed something that this tool should have.

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