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The Cake Stacker Tool

Learn how to use the Cake Stacker Tool to build an arrangement of cakes.

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The Cake Stacker can be a wonderful tool to figure out what kind of tier arrangements you can use based on a given number of portions. Enter a number of portions and select one of your portions sizes, and it will build a list of tier combinations for you. You can even add the cakes to the canvas with the click of a button. Here's an example...

Let's assume that we have the following portion sizes set up in our portion settings...

As the Standard portion is the first on the list, it will be the default portion size that Cakenote will use in various places.

The Cake Stacker tool can be accessed from the Designer page. It can be found here...

Once we open it, you will be given two options...

Search by Servings
This will allow you to enter the number of portions you would like for your tier arrangement as well as the portion size you would like.

Build Cake Myself

This option allows you to build your cake tier by tier and will show you how many portions the cake is, as you build it.

Let's assume that we know we want to have 150 portions for our cake, but we do not know what size cakes to use.

So I will select 'Search by Servings'.

As you can see, this will bring up a section that allows you to enter...

Number of Servings: The number of portions you wish to have for your cake.

% Less and % More: These two fields allow you enter a percentage to control the threshold of what combinations to display. For example, if I enter 150 portions, then I enter 10 for % Less, this will also include combinations that have 135 portions, since 10% of 150 is 15. The % More works the same way.

Size of Serving: This is a drop down selection of your predefined portion sizes in your portion settings.

After entering the number of portions and the portion size, Cakenote will automatically show you tier combinations that have the number of portions within your entered preference.

You can see if we select Round, there are 11 different combinations with 150 portions, with the selected portion size.

Each cakes size is displayed beside the cake (For example: 150x200). This is basically HEIGHT x DIAMETRE in MILLIMETRES. So if it is 150x200, this means that the cake is 15cm high and 20cm in diametre. The bright pink number is the number of Standard portions for that tier combination.

Here are the resulting 2, 3 and 4 tier combinations that have around 150 portions.

This article will be updated as we improve the Cake Stacker Tool and add new functionality.

As always, if there's anything you do not understand or you need more assistance with anything, you can contact us at anytime via the chat widget in the bottom right corner within the app, or via email at

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