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Units of Measurement for Ingredients and Recipes
Units of Measurement for Ingredients and Recipes

Learn how to use different units of measurement for Ingredients and Recipes in Cakenote

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By default, all of the ingredients and recipes that come with Cakenote use Grams. The reason for this is because of how costing and pricing is calculated when using recipes on cakes. 

We understand however, that some people may want to create recipes with different units of measurement. This is why we have a Default Unit of Measurement field on the Ingredients form and Recipes form. 

The following units of measurements are available...

  • Gram

  • Kg

  • Ounce

  • Pound

  • Litre

  • US Cup

  • US Liquid Gallon

  • US Liquid Quart

  • US Liquid Pint

  • US Fluid Ounce

  • US Tablespoon

  • US Teaspoon

  • Millilitre

  • Imperial Gallon

  • Imperial Quart

  • Imperial Pint

  • Imperial Cup

  • Imperial Fluid Ounce

  • Imperial Tablespoon

  • Imperial Teaspoon

If a unit of measurement is chosen that is actually a volume type of measurement, an additional field will appear called Weight Per Litre. 

This field is required so that Cakenote knows how to calculate costing and pricing accordingly. Different forms of liquid may be heavier or lighter depending on their nature. For example, 1 litre of water is 1kg (1000g), but a litre of milk is actually heavier (approximately 1032g). Of course this is just an example and the difference is minimal but there are other examples where the weight of a substance is very heavy or very light. In these cases, the costing and pricing will not be accurate anymore. 

After a default unit of measurement is set on an Ingredient, when adding the Ingredient to the Recipe, the Unit will be whatever the default is on the Ingredient.

It's important to mention that the Default Unit of Measurement that is set on the Ingredient is just a default and you can change it to whatever you like when working with the Recipe. 

As a final note, everything I have mentioned above also applies to Recipes. A Recipe also has a Default Unit of Measurement field and setting it will determine what the default unit is when adding the Recipe to another Recipe. 

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