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How to Create Recipes in Cakenote
How to Create Recipes in Cakenote

This article will walk through how to create a Recipe in Cakenote.

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Cakenote comes with dozens of Recipes which you can copy and modify to your hearts content, but just in case you want to add your own, this article will explain how.

Obviously to create Recipes, we need Ingredients, so Cakenote also comes packed with a whole range of Ingredients that we have created for you. If something you need is missing, you can add it anytime.

To create a Recipe that contains Ingredients or other Recipes within it, head over to your Recipes list by clicking on the Recipes item in the Main Navigation. From the Recipes list page, click on the button in the top right corner that states 'Add New Recipe'. You will now be on the Create New Recipe page. 

Most of the fields are self explanatory such as Name, Description etc. For the other settings, please read this article about Ingredients and Recipes Settings.

The important setting to enable the addition of Ingredients and Recipes, into the Recipe we are creating, is the 'Add Ingredients' switch. It looks like this...

After switching this setting ON, you will see a few other panels appear below the other panels. 

Lets go through what each of these panels are and how to use them.


The Ingredients panel is where you add Ingredients and/or other Recipes as an Ingredient. 

  • Add Ingredient: Click this button to add an Ingredient row to the list.

  • Add Group: Click this button to add a Group row in order to split up the Ingredients list into different sections.

After adding an Ingredient row or a Group row, these two buttons will move to the bottom left corner of the panel, and the relevant row will be added to the list. 

Within each row, the first icon from the left is a drag handle. You can use this to re-order your ingredients/groups. Use the second icon if you wish to remove the ingredient/group from the list.

Add a Name for the Group. Typically, the Name would be 'Group 1' etc. This field is optional.

Select an Action for the Group. Actions include things like Mix, Blend, Fold, Whisk etc. This is also optional.

Select an Ingredient from the drop down list. The list will be populated with all Ingredients, and all Recipes that do not have Recipes which have Recipes within them. Here's a diagram to explain this concept...

Upon selecting an Ingredient or Recipe, its Cost Per Kg will appear in the row. After adjusting the Amount field for this Ingredient/Recipe, you will see the Cost change based on its Cost Per Kg. 

The bottom right corner of the Ingredients Panel will also display a total Cost Per Kg, total Cost and total Weight of the Recipe being created.


This is where you can add steps to take in order to make this Recipe. 


Add Yields so that you know how much produce you end up with when you make this Recipe. Each Yield should be a total of what the Recipe produces. For example...

So this Recipe would product 3 x 50 by 250 Round Cakes, OR 73 x 100g Cup Cakes.


Notes can be used for any important information or things to remember when making this Recipe.

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