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The Batch Recipe Tool
The Batch Recipe Tool

Learn how to use the Batch Recipe Tool to figure out how much to bake.

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Use the Batch Recipe Tool to calculate how much of each Recipe to bake for selected cakes and/or Designs.

You can select a variation of cake sizes, designs, or both. The tool will compile what you have selected in the cakes panel and the designs panel to generate a list of recipes needed to be baked. 

Lets go through a real world example of how the tool would be useful. Lets say you have a few orders for the week. After creating designs for each and specifying what flavours to use for each cake in each design, you could use the Batch Recipe Tool to show you all the cakes you need to bake for all the orders for the week.  


The Cakes panel allows you to select cakes by size. For each cake size, you can multiply the quantity and add a flavour. The bottom right corner of the Cakes panel will show you a total volume and total standard servings based on your cake selections and quantities.


The Designs panel allows you to select any number of different Designs and the tool will show you every Recipe used in those Designs and how much of each needs to be produced. 


The Recipes Panel displays the result of what is selected in the Cakes panel and/or Designs panel.

Clicking on the 'View Recipe' button for one of the recipes will take you to that particular recipe with the total amount already calculated so that you can see how much of each ingredient you need to produce that recipe according to the result from the Batch Recipe Tool.

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