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The main navigation panel can be found on the far left of Cakenote at all times. 

Lets go through each menu item and where it goes.

Dashboard: Displays basic Order statistics and latest Orders/Designs.
Calendar: Displays confirmed Orders on a Calendar.
Designs: Displays the Designs list.
Contacts: Displays the Contacts list.
Displays the Decorations list.
Construction: Displays the Construction items list.
3D Cakes: Displays the 3D Cakes list.
Surface Decor: Displays the Surface Decor list.
Ribbons: Displays the Ribbons list.
Textiles: Displays the Textiles list.
Images: Displays the Images list.
Orders: Displays the Orders list.
Ingredients: Displays the Ingredients list.
Recipes: Displays the Recipes list.
Products: Displays the Products list.

Tools: Displays Tools like the Layered Cake Tool and the Batch Recipe Tool. More tools will be added in the future. 

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