In Cakenote, there are a variety of assets/elements (ingredients, recipes, decorations etc.) that we have created as a foundation to get started. These are what we call "system assets". 

System assets cannot be deleted/removed from Cakenote, and only certain aspects of the system assets are allowed to be adjusted. If you want full control over a system asset, you can copy the asset and adjust whatever you like. Of course you can always add your own assets as well. 

Since we are based in Australia, these system assets of ours have all been priced/costed according to AUD.  

Upon registering an account, you are asked to select your currency preference and as soon as you create your account, Cakenote converts all currency related data on system assets from AUD to your chosen currency. This process only happens when creating an account and once it is done, it cannot be done again, so make sure your currency is correct. In the future, we may add functionality to adjust currency at anytime.

Here is an example of how this process works...

If a single rose is $3 AUD, and you selected United States as your currency/country upon registration, when you use that particular rose on your design, it will be $2.12 USD (this will vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of joining Cakenote).

We have also added a setting (Settings >> Preferences >> Currency tab) to be able to hide currency symbols from all places in Cakenote. This will result in displaying currency values as just numbers.

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